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Reyoscope: What Astronomical Thing Are You?

Look at the item on your card or pick a number from 1 to 10. Then, go to the end of the page!

You are a:

1. Star

You’re a delightful source of energy and nourishment. You love to shine your light on others. While from the distance you seem calm, there are millions of atomic bombs exploding inside you!

2. Planet

You love adventure! You enjoy the journey more than the destination, so like a planet that would orbit around the same stars years and years, you know how to appreciate doing the same thing but each time learning more and more about it.

3. The Moon

Like the moon, you shine light on those who need to find their way in the shadow. You provide opportunities for others by keeping the world a dynamic and interesting place, just the way moon’s tides make the world a more lively place.

4. Comet

Just like comets, you dare to let your ice melt by getting close to the sun, having everyone in awe of the beauty of your transformation. You are flexible and prioritize growth in your life and are not afraid of changing your thoughts when encountered with new ideas.

5. Meteor

You love exploring new worlds. Like a meteor piercing into the dense atmosphere of earth, you break the barriers and enter new realms, even if that means having to feel some intense heat.

6. Pulsar

Imagine the mass of 1.5 Suns, squeeze it into a small city, and get it to rotate around its axis 700 times in one second. These are features of a pulsar. Unbelievable? So are you! You are just an extraordinary human being that can do so much and has so many potentials. You have so much good, densely squeezed inside of your heart and you share your light with others at an unimaginable speed.

7. Black Hole

Just like black holes, with mysterious features, a love to attract everything around it, and a tendency to obey different rules, you have unknown layers, an enthusiasm to consume information and knowledge, and a little rebel inside of you.  

8. Supernova

You are majestic, colorful, and generous, like a supernova. When a star dies, a supernova explosion creates a wonderful cloud of gasses around it. You are not afraid of killing your old thoughts and create beautiful meanings through creativity.

9. Galaxy

You have billions of shining stars in your heart each unique in their own way. You have different layers to your personality and can’t wait to explore something new each day.

10. Dark Energy

All we know is that without you things would be COMPLETELY different! The universe might be expanding BECAUSE OF YOU. But no one really knows you, what you exactly do, or why you do what you do. This is all I have to say…


I am a PhD candidate at Northwestern University in the Media, Technology, and Society program. I am also a researcher at the Adler Planetarium. I study science communication and curiosity and have a great passion for engaging the public in science through creative strategies and empathetic communication. I do public outreach, write blog posts, and make comics about science.

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @TheCosmicRey

Glad you made here 🙂

Disclaimer: The icons on the cards are modifications of Power Point- provided icons.

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